Things to do in Scotland

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Things to do in Scotland

The swinging lifestyle has been gaining in popularity for quite a while. It is no longer something which has to be hidden from the world. You would be surprised how many people in your community are engaging in swinging. The history of the lifestyle has been shrouded in secrecy because people were afraid of how they would be treated if others found out. While society on average still does not understand the appeal, they are far more tolerant of those who engage in swinging. You will not have to worry about any threats of violence for engaging in mutual sexual encounters.

Because of the growing popularity, the ways in which you can meet other couples for sex has changed. There is no longer just one way in which you can meet other people. You can go to swinging clubs instead of just going to people’s homes. There is not the same awkwardness in meeting people because you can really get a feel for what they are into based upon where you are and what you have talked about with them beforehand. To really get a feel for the Scottish swinging society, try some different kinds of clubs.

The Old Swinging Standby

The old way of meeting people for swinging in Scotland is still very popular among certain sets of people. This means putting an ad in the paper, or responding to one. The reason why many people do not engage in these ads any more is because of the low success rate in meeting a couple for sex. All too often the people who put out ads in the paper would misrepresent themselves. Those who would respond to the ads you place will tell you they are a couple only to be a man wanting to have sex with the woman in the couple. This is why the society has switched up to more technical means of meeting people.

New Technology for Meeting Swingers

The internet has allowed many swingers in Scotland to be able to enjoy meeting people with a higher success rate. The great part about the internet is you get to send pictures videos and emails in order to get to know couples before you meet. In order to make sure they are properly representing themselves on the internet, you can set up a video conference with each other. It would be impossible to fake responding to all of your questions with a couple on the other end.

The biggest way for swingers to hook up is through online societies. These are set up much like the dating sites for singles. You can set up a profile for you and your partner. You can then browse through the other profiles of couples in your area you are interested in meeting. You can learn about their interests before you ever even say hello to each other for the first time. There is usually a fee in order to join, but it is worth it if you are able to meet some fun people in a safe way. Remember to practice caution when meeting people through the internet as not all people are who they say they are. Do the right amount of legwork to protect your safety.

Where to Find Scottish Swinging Clubs

Many people have been turning to the swinging clubs in order to meet the people they will have sex with. Luckily, the increasing number of people who are interested in swinging means it is possible to open a lot of clubs dedicated to the swinging lifestyle. These clubs allow you to meet with people and possibly even have sex with them right there at the club. These clubs have different rooms for private as well as group scenes depending on what you are looking for. Expect to pay a fee for the club and certain services you will use while at the club.

In order to find the club which is right for you, talk to the people you know in the swinging scene. You can also find a decent list of clubs right here which might meet your needs. Do the right research to avoid disappointment. Below are some of the swingers clubs located in Scotland-

After Eight Club is located in Edinburgh. This is small club which allows sex on site. The name says it all as the club really doesn’t get to hopping until after 8pm. Parties usually last until at least 3am.

BlueVelvet located in Tayside allows sex on the premises. The club offers a bar, dance floor, and separate rooms. The music from the DJ will get you in the mood for more fun later in one of the private rooms which are available for use.

CJ’s at the Townhouse in Edinburgh allows for sex on site and offers a bar, Jacuzzi, sauna, and shower. There are also private rooms available. This is a private club which is exclusive to join. You must be a couple to gain access to the club.

Portshire allows for swingers to have sex on site. The club offers a dance floor, shower room, party room, and private rooms. The club also offers overnight accommodations. This club is open to all people even single men are allowed to enter the club.

Dogging in Scotland

Dogging is rapidly gaining popularity in Scotland. This is when groups of people engage in sex in semi-private areas like car parks. It is becoming easier to find people who engage in these acts as it satisfies the desire to engage in public sex while fulfilling a desire for voyeurism. If you enjoy either one of these fetishes, this is a scene you should check out.

Remember when engaging in swinging, it is important to stay honest with yourself and those around you. Do not do anything you do not want to do and do not force someone else to do something they do not want to do. Respect and open communication are very important in making sure everyone gets to have the experience they desire.