Swinging Advice and Etiquette

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Swinging in Scotland demands you are very open and honest with yourself and with others. This is the only way you will be able to really enjoy yourself. This will also allow the others around you to fully enjoy themselves as well. For those just getting started in swinging, there are a few things you should keep in mind. As long as you follow the simple rules of swinging, you will be able to enjoy yourself. If you do not follow these rules, you are sure to either hurt someone else’s feelings, or you will hurt your own feelings.

Being Courteous and Safe

Proper swinging involves being polite and courteous. The general rule followed by those who are in the lifestyle is to treat others in the manner you would want to be treated. The other major rules followed by swingers involve personal hygiene. When attending any type of swinging event one wants to be sure to be showered and have taken care of their oral hygiene needs. No one wants to encounter another person for a sexual activity only to find an offensive lack of hygiene.

Remember, good hygiene goes beyond just taking a bath. You should also use deodorant and brush your teeth. The more you prepare yourself for the experience, the more everyone will be able to enjoy your presence. When you do not respect the people you will be around, it kills the atmosphere for everyone. Making sure you have clean clothes on is another important part of proper hygiene because your body sweat will be in your clothes if you do not put on fresh clothes before going out.

When swinging you should only engage in acts you are comfortable doing. In turn you should not be pushy if another expresses they do not want to do what you have requested. When situations come up you have no interest in taking part in simply say No, thank you. Do not give a lengthy explanation or expect one from someone telling you no. By honouring this rule, you will protect yourself as well as those around you. You will not have to worry about hurting someone else’s feelings.

The rule of the polite no is also extended to how you need to interact with those who you are not interested in swinging with. This is an important rule to know and follow. There will be many times you are approached by those you are not interested in swinging with. The best for all involved is avoid hurting feeling and just give a no answer without an explanation which could become hurtful.

If you are going to someone’s home or to a private event hosted by a couple you want to ask what you can bring. Many people do not realize how quickly resources such as washcloths, towels, condoms and other products such as lubricants can get used up. Being a good guest at these events means not showing up empty handed. Bringing something to drink is commendable, but you need to bring lubricants and other sexual aides. This will help everyone to be able to fully enjoy the experience.

Be sure when attending a swinging event that you provide all of the personal hygiene products you will be in need of. These items can be put in a small overnight bag and be easily taken with you. You want to do this because it is impolite to assume your host will be providing these items for you. By having everything easily accessible, you will be able to take care of your own needs as well as satisfying the needs of those around you. This will assure you will be invited back to parties in the future.

Safety is important to having a successful swinging event anywhere. Always be sure to bring condoms with you and some for those who may be in need. Having more condoms than you will use is far better than there being a lack of condoms in these situations. While you may be properly prepared for the party, not everyone will be. In order to help keep everyone in the community safe, it is always a good idea to carry around a big bag of condoms and share them with everyone at the party.

Singles at singing events are generally frowned upon. The main exception to this rule is for women. Single women are allowed to show up at swinging parties because they have something offer many different situations. Even if the situation they lend themselves to is nothing more than a threesome with a couple, it is better than extra guys showing up. The fact of the matter is women feel intimidated by a room full of guys while a man feels encouraged by a room full of girls. Guys also do not want to see a room full of other guys. They will feel they are in competition to have sex with the few women in attendance.

Dogging is just one more way in which you can have fun swinging in Scotland. This is having sex in a semi-private environment. While there is no public in the area you are having sex in, there is always the idea this might happen. You might have someone walking to this car late at night and seeing the orgy in progress. There is safety in numbers with this kind of party. Look-outs can keep a close eye out for cops and other onlookers. You will be able to perform knowing the people who are really watching are the ones in your group.

Having fun is the main object of swinging. This means not only being honest with those around you, but being honest with yourself as well. The more honest you are with yourself, the easier it will be to only engage in the sexual acts you desire. You will find the freedom in telling people ‘no’ when they make advances upon you which are undesirable. You will also take it better when you are rejected in the same manner.