The Scottish Swinging Scene

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South African couples are swinging more  than ever. Many couples seek out the swinging lifestyle as a way to spice up their  marriages with a different type of sexual adventure. There are more ways for  couples to get involved in this lifestyle than ever before. These different  avenues should be explored with the one you love. Always make sure you are both  on the same page about what is allowed and what you are not ready for yet. This  will prevent a night of fun from turning into something ugly. Good  communication is important to making a swinging lifestyle work.

Swinging is when a couple trades partners  with another couple to have sex. Some couples only prefer to swing with other  couples to have only oral sex. These are called soft swingers. Those who make  up the soft swinger population are those just getting started usually. They  need something a bit less risqua to get started with. As you progress and the  trust increases, you will be ready for more. Couples who have penetrative sex  with another couple are considered to be hard swingers.

For some time it was believed that couples  who participate swinging were headed for certain doom. Recent research has  shown this is not the case. Research has found a higher percentage of happy  couples amongst those who swing than those who do not participate in the  lifestyle. The reason they give for this is that couples are able to live out  fantasies of having sex with others while not having to lie and cheat. Swinging  couples are more open with one another. This is because they have let go of  their inhibitions and are now willing to talk about anything.

It was once very difficult for couples  interested in swinging to meet other likeminded couples. For years the main ways  swingers got together was by answering ads in a swinging publication or  attending an event they heard about from someone they know. Now, the internet  has made it easier for couples in South Africa to meet with each other to  swing. Online there are many clubs where South African couples can meet and  make plans for swinging. There are also several clubs which can be found on the  internet where people can go and meet up in person.

Couples who are interested in meeting large  groups of swingers to find other couples for having sex with seem to prefer  going to the club locations. Some of these clubs will allow for sex on site  whole others require sex be done elsewhere. Couples meet at these locations and  make the arrangements for sex at another agreed upon location. The atmosphere  is always fun and laid back. Many of the clubs will have food and drink to get  you in the right mood. Those which do allow sex on premises will lay down  certain rules you will have to follow if you want to continue.

Discretion is still very important to the  couples who get involved in this kind of lifestyle. This is because while it is  legal, it is still a cultural taboo. The majority of the population does not  understand the ideas of the swinging lifestyle. This is not to say those who  engage in swinging live on the fringe of society. You would be surprised the  kind of people who get involved in swinging. Some very successful people find  they need more spice in their relationship and turn to swinging as a safe and  trusting atmosphere to find more excitement.

The reason why swinging is considered to be  a trusting activity for a couple is because of the act itself. You trust your  partner to sleep with someone else, yet remain true to you. This has held up  very well in most relationships. It is liberating to be able to feel the  freedom of being completely honest with your partner about having certain  sexual desires. This is the very essence of swinging. It is all about trust and  loyalty. It is not about cheating, or going behind your partners back.

While the club scene has grown in  popularity, the most popular ways for swingers to get together is through  private parties at homes and other venues. These parties are preferred by many  people because they can control who is involved and who knows about their  secret lifestyle. Those with less on the line, or are unashamed by what others  may think fully embrace the club scene. Even those who start out in private  parties will move on to larger group scenes. This is because the excitement of  being with someone new loses its appeal if you have only a certain number of  partners to choose from.

Because good communication is so important  to those committed to swinging, it is important to never assume you and your  partner are progressing at the same speed. You may find you are ready for a  large group scene. Your partner may still feel as if they are only ready for  private one-on-one soft swinging encounters. Make sure to constantly talk to  your partner about how you feel and what your desires are. This will determine  where you will go from there. If you both feel you are ready to advance to  another level, there are plenty of options available to you.

Remember, part of being honest as a couple  is being honest with you. If you have any reservations about anything, you need  to bring it up. When you keep things inside, it can come out as anger or  hostility. This is when a swinging couple runs into problems. As long as you  stay open and honest with each other, you should have no problems. The most  important thing to remember is you are in the lifestyle to have fun. Do not  allow yourself to do anything you do not find to be fun. On the other hand, do  not force your partner to do anything they do not find enjoyable. This will  prevent hurt feelings and prevent problems in your relationship. Have fun and  spread the joy.