How to Approach Others

3:57 pm in Swingers Advice by admin

It is important to keep an open mind when  approaching and being approached. It is perfectly okay to decline an offer to  engage in sex as well as to be declined. Not everyone will be into the same  things, nor will they be attracted to everyone. When you are approached with an  offer you are not interested in, simply say no and move on. It is perfectly  acceptable to expect this in return. By keeping everything light and respectable,  more people are able to have a good time. When you force your desires on other  people, they will not be able to enjoy the action.

If you are unsure of what kind of activities  you will enjoy, it is a good idea to go to a swingers club. This way you can  try a few different things as well as talk to swingers. You can really get a  feel for what you are comfortable with and what you are excited to try. By  meeting other swingers, you may open up new avenues of sexuality you were not  previously aware you were open to. Try to keep an open mind, but at all times  be honest with yourself and those around you. This will prevent hurt feelings  and from having a negative experience.

If you find yourself involved in a private  swinger party at a home or other venue, it is important to bring the right  supplies with you. This will make it possible for you to fully enjoy the  swinging scene as well as cover all of your bases should someone not remember  to bring something like a lubricant or a condom. It is of course bad manners  not to bring a condom to a swinging party, but some people are absent minded.  Make sure you are not the one on everyones bad side and bring the appropriate  items to the party. This way you will be able to have all the fun you want to  without having to worry about borrowing anything from the others at the party.  Having fun is why you are doing this, so do everything you can to protect your  ability to have fun.